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Great Features
You Are Going To Love.

We've built thera-LINK from the ground up to be used by mental and behavioral health providers. We know what your daily workflow is like and we've replicated it in our platform so it's simple to learn and use.

Some of our features include:

  • HIPAA secure video platform
  • Scheduling with e-mail reminders
  • Client Scheduler allows clients to request from your website
  • Payment from clients via credit card
  • Secure file sharing between you and your clients
  • Super awesome waiting rooms with music and imagery
  • Excellent customer service
  • Works on PC, Mac, Android, iPad, and iPhone
  • Waiting room
  • scheduling 2019
  • client profiles 2019
  • thera-LINK File Sharing
  • thera-LINK Settings

HIPAA Secure

We take security of your and your client's information seriously. Learn more about our security.


Easy Scheduling

You create appointments or clients request appointments. Appointment reminders too!


Group or Individual

Have a secure individual therapy session or a group session if you'd like.

Stacy H

"I really appreciate TheraLINK's client interface with the mock waiting rooms and music prior to session. My clients have no difficulty navigating through Thera-LINK's interface, even on their first use. I appreciate that there is a notification when my client is "in the waiting room" so I know they are present. I feel confident that Thera-LINK is a HIPAA-compliant way to conduct teletherapy. The support team is great - very responsive and knowledgeable!"
-Stacy H., PhD in California